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Hapa Honey

Hapa Honey Farm is a Southern California beekeeping family who LOVES bees. We place the health of our bees as a priority and use ethical, sustainable beekeeping practices. Our honey varieties have won multiple competitive awards, including Best in Show, Judges Award, Division Winner and 1st Place. We strive to handcraft the highest quality and most delicious pure, raw honeys. Our liquid honeys are in their purest form, straight from the hives to you. We use our best quality honeys, as well as, the best quality ingredients to handcraft our amazing creamed honeys.

The abundance of honeys is heavily dependent on rainfall and the variety of forage. All honeys will vary in color, taste and viscosity. Even honeys harvested in the same apiary will be unique. This is due to the bees choice and availability of forage. All raw honeys will eventually crystallize, but different varieties will crystallize at different rates.

Creamed Honey

Our creamed honeys are truly special. We use our award-winning liquid honey and delicately handcraft it into a delicious variety of creamed honeys. Unlike the name would suggest, our creamed honey has no dairy. Creaming honey is a process of controlling the crystallization. We believe we’ve perfected this process to create a micro crystal, which has a much smoother, velvety mouth feel, similar to a premium ice cream. Creamed honey has a spreadable consistency and is lighter in color than liquid honey. We believe the creaming process opens up the flavors of our already delicious honey to bring out even more complexity and nuance.

Chef Vina’s Garlic Shrimp with Hapa Honey

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